In the aughts, Devi Ever’s boutique pedal manufacturer Devi Ever : FX built extreme sounding stompboxes (like the Shoe Gazer and the Hyperion) that became some kind of cult among guitarists into noisy and adventurous genres like noise rock and shoegazer.

Devi sold the company to Dwarfcraft in 2014, but re-acquired it in the summer of 2016, announcing she would resume production of the old pedals and release new ones under the new name Fuzz Goddess, a new imprint she started in 2015.

Here are the new designs from Fuzz Goddess, which is also offering many of the old Devi Ever : FX pedals under a new name, called  “legacy designs” (you can find the list here).  Clicking on the images will open the pedal’s video. 

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