Pro recording engineers have been torturing their gear for years, pushing consoles, preamps, and outboard gear to the limit to create the sound of modern music. You can now get that sound in the box, in your mix. SoundToys‘ Decapitator gives you five flavors of classic analog sound, modeled from real analog hardware that we tweaked, twisted, and tortured in our lab. Drive it as hard as you can, and use the three tone shaping knobs to sweeten, fatten, heat-up, or squash the way you want it. The exclusive “Punish” button puts the hurt on anything you run through it, and the “Thump” switch gives you a nice kick in the low end. And finally, we’ve included a mix control so you can blend in the original sound using the parallel bussing technique like the pros, but without all the routing, and hassle. Recommended for drums and for adding subtle warmth or fat drive to vocals, and enhancing or obliterating guitar. It’s got the grit, edge, and analog mojo that helps the pros fit everything into a mix. Decapitator puts it all at your fingertips.