If simple is beautiful, then it’s the perfect way to brand Dandy Job: a no-fuss little company particularly focused on getting your wah pedal to sound better. With a pledge of being hellbent on helping folks hunt down their own tone, Dandy Job is the perfect fit for purist players not looking to weigh down their performance. The company sets itself apart by their attention to detail and meticulous handmade assembly process.

Right now, the Dandy Job’s best-seller is The Whipple Wah – a surprisinglt light wah pedal for minimalists looking for less whining and more tone. Taking full advantage of the company’s popular Whipple Wah inductor (a copy of the late ’60s Vox Wah component that can be installed in any wah, with remarkable results), the pedal is much smoother than other contenders on the market, delivering warm mids and never shrill highs that allow players to get the full potential of the wah’s sweep.

You have the opportunity to meet this classic sounding pedal (together with the other Dandy Job new effect the Baby Tooth) up close and in person at the Deli’s Stompbox Exhbit at Main Drag this coming Sept 10-11; but in the meantime, you can get your fix by checking out the demo video below. – Olivia Sisinni