Comodoro Pedals Sabon

The Comodoro Pedals Sabon is a rather original take on ambient reverb offering two widely different lush-sounding modes, selectable via the central toggle switch: Shimmer and Tremolo.

The reverb’s algorithm changes depending on the selected mode, delivering long reverberations in Shimmer and a classic spring-style reverb in Tremolo. The Mist and Rate knob have varying functions, controlling respectively the amount and pitch of the octave in Shimmer mode and depth and rate of the LFO in Tremolo mode.

The Rate can be controlled via Expression pedal on both effects.

Made in Barcelona, the Comodoro Pedals Sabon is an impressively flexible and creative reverb pedal.

Choose between two types of REVERB with the toggle switch:

Long decay reverb.
Connect or disconnect the shimmer with the footswitch on the right.
MIST controls the amount of shimmer.
RATE adjusts the pitch of the shimmer.

Emulates the sound of spring reverb.
Add the tremolo with the right footswitch.
MIST controls the depth of the tremolo.
RATE adjusts the speed of the wave.
(A green LED flashes indicating the frequency of the tremolo).

MIX blends the clean signal with the processed by the effect (DRY / WET).
VOL adjusts the total output volume.

You can connect an EXPRESSION PEDAL with a Jack TRS cable to control the RATE knob on both effects.

Works with a 9vDC power supply.