Coffee Shop Pedals Cortado Reverb

The Coffee Shop Pedals Cortado is a multi-mode, stereo reverb pedal hailing from Saskatchewan, smack in the middle of Canada.

This device is a testament to how, in this day and age, small builders with very small teams (in many cases a team of one) can create quality digital stompboxes with features and sounds that rival what the releases of major manufacturers.

Already having a full stereo reverb in a compact case is not an easy feat. Add to that a Midi-based preset system, trails on/off option and four extremely useful modes (Hall, Spring, Tremoloverb, and Octave).

The reverb modes can be controlled through a total of four knobs, three shared ones across the modes (MixDecay and Tone), and the algorithm-dependent Control knob, which sometimes affects unexpected parameters, like “Warm overdrive” in Spring mode.

The Preset button will switch between three built-in patches, while Midi compatibility allows the storage of many more on your desktop or laptop.

Another neat feature is the “spillover” effect, that lets the trail of the effect to keep ringing without getting cut when you change to a different reverb program, change preset, or turn off the pedal.

You can hear the sounds of the Cortado in the videos below, we added it to our article about the best multi-mode reverb pedals.

Coffee Shop Pedals Cortado Reverb, Builder’s Notes

The Cortado Reverb is a versatile multi-reverb that has many features not often found in this small format. With features like presets, trails between different reverb types, midi input and more, the Cortado is sure to be the reverb you’ve been looking for.

Four unique programs
The Cortado features four vast and versatile reverb programs that can go from short and minimal reverb, to long and ambient soundscapes. The Cortado’s Hall, Spring, Tremoloverb and Octave programs have been specifically designed to be incredibly usable and unique from other reverbs on the market.

Trails & Spillover
Trails and spillover between presets and programs open up a world of possibilities with the Cortado. Trails allow for smooth transitions when changing sounds as well as playing over infinite trails as a backing track.

Presets made simple
Changing presets is simple on the Cortado, using the same easy-to-use format as our Affogato Fuzz. Presets are now even easier to use with the added midi input. With midi, you can save and recall up to 20 presets and load them in any order you want. As well, you can save any reverb program to any preset – allowing for so much customization.