aloftSouth Carolina’s Classic Audio Effects will bring their unique pedals to this weekend’s 7th Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit!

YouTube demo master Shnobel just published this video about their Aloft Shimmer Reverb, check it out below.

More about the pedal from the manufacturer’s website:

The ‘Aloft’ Shimmer Reverb is the Classic Audio FXs spin on a shimmer reverb pedal. Featuring controls for Reverb amount, Shimmer Level and our unique roller controlling mix, the Aloft is unlike anything you have experienced before.  Dial in the perfect reverb/shimmer ratio using the front facing pots and use the roller to blend the wet signal into your dry for just the right amount of angelic symphonies. Wheel all the way back and you are rocking a straight dry signal, wheel all the way forward and you are soaring among the clouds.

[Signal Chain, Fender Telecaster into the Buffalo FX Carrera Overdrive into the Classic Audio Effects Aloft Shimmer Reverb into a 1974 Marshall JMP 100w Super Lead]