Pitch Shifter Pedals

Catalinbread Coriolis Effect

TC Electronic Brainwaves Pitch Shifter

Shift Line A+ Prism-9 Filter Pad

Dwarfcraft Devices Witch Shifter Pitch Shifter/Echo/Fuzz

MidValleyFx Mad Robot Distortion with Oscillator

Dwarfcraft Devices Grazer – Granular Repeater

Chase Bliss Audio Thermae gets the Knobs Treatment

Death By Audio Robot 8-bit Fuzz Octaver

Malekko Heavy Industry Downer Wavefolder/Saturation/Octave/Filter

DOD Rubberneck Delay

TC Electronic Quintessence Harmonizer

MOOER Pitch Step Polyphonic Pitch Shifter and Harmoniser