The 3 Best Overdrive Pedals per Type
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Below, the latest news about fuzz pedals

Orion Effekte + Twangtone – Dakota Red II OD + Boost

SoundBrut DrVa Gets Premier Guitar’s Award

XTS Pedals Imperial Overdrive

Xotic Effects BB Preamp Andy Timmons

Ibanez announces the NTS Nu Tube Screamer

Best Selling Overdrive Pedals of 2017

Nanolog Audio The WaveFunction Overdrive

Radial ToneBone Hot-British V9 Distortion

Rock Fabrik Effects AQUA LUNG Transparent OD/Clean Boost

Baroni Lab Mini Amp Custom 50W Amp/Cab Sim

Best Selling NEW Distortion, Overdrive and Fuzz Pedals of 2017 according to Reverb.com

NUX Tube Man MKII Overdrive