Caroline Guitars just unveiled a new pedal called Hawaiian Pizza – we guess they aren’t targeting guitarists with fresh Italian roots with it, since the Hawaiian variety is considered nothing short of heresy among the “fathers” of pizza. It doesn’t really matter though because the first run of this Drive/Fuzz is already sold out!

Designers Philippe of Caroline and John Snyder of Electronic Audio Experiments (a company we “profiled” last year in this very blog) promise “a myriad of rad sounds available from just three interactive controls,” which are as simple as it gets: input, output and voltage.

Presented as a Drive/Fuzz, the Hawaiian Pizza is a pedal with a subtitle: “Sweet and Sour.” Lower “in” volumes produce (sweet?) overdriven tones, while higher levels start delivering a more fuzz-like sound, which will become very spitting and filthy (sour?) when the voltage knob is turned all the way to the left and the input one all the way to the right. The Out knob adds an extra variation in the way the amp interacts with the pedal’s out level.

Here are some demo videos of it!

…an unbelievable sounding and versatile fuzz-drive, an elaboration on a classic fuzz circuit with some special twists by Philippe and John Snyder of EAE, one that can handle being placed anywhere in the signal chain thanks to an internal passive guitar pickup simulator, and has a myriad of rad sounds available from just three interactive controls! And if you think it should sound like a certain expensive amplifier because of how it looks, don’t worry – we’ll let you tell yourself that!)

Put this in front of a clean amp, crank things up and prepare to be frightened. Or put it in front of a crunchy amp, dial it up just a little bit, and wonder where this thing has been all your life. You can blame Grammy winning producer Dave Cobb (Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson) for this pedal. He geeked out with Philippe about something over the phone, and years later, we misinterpreted what we talked about into making this.