BO Effects OxyTone EPX

BO Effects is a French company with a solid reputation in Europe but not very well known in the rest of the world. The OxyTone EPX is their take on the two-channel low gain overdrive circuit, with a channel based on the preamp section of the EP3 Echoplex, and the other one replicating their popular Oxy Drive circuit.

The two channels are clearly laid out on the pedal’s case, with one white and two black knobs each, and separate footswitches, and are fine-tuned to perfectly interact with each other when stacked, offering a range of tone spanning from boost to overdrive.

The Body knob on the preamp section is the only EQ control on the pedal, while the Dirt one on the Drive channel adjusts the clipping ratio of the signal.

Hear the tones of the BO Effects OxyTone EPX in the videos below.

The OxyTone is a two-channel pedal. A preamp based on that of the Echoplex EP3 with a volume control and especially a gain control that will bring a break and extra grain to the popular preamp. And a transparent overdrive with low gain based on the famous OxyDrive slightly modified to tune perfectly prampli.

From clean boost to overdrive through the gain boost, responding very well to your attack on the strings and nuances of your game.
Effective on a clean channel and as on a saturated channel.

Power supply from 9 to 18 volts for more body and gain.

A video is available here.

– Drive: Determines the input gain level of the overdrive circuit.
– Body: Control the overall tone of the signal.
– Dirt: This control is used to finely adjust the clipping ratio of the signal.
– Level: Determines the output level of the overdrive.

– Preamp: Determines the output level of the preamp.
– Gain: Determines the gain level of the preamp.

High quality components.

– PETP and Cornell Dubilier® Silver Mica capacitors NOS*.
– Germanium diodes NOS *
– Metal Film Resistors 1%.
– Carbon Comp resistors on the signal path.

True Bypass ON / OFF switch, no degradation or loss of signal.
Status LED ON / OFF
Standard input power supply type Boss® 2.1mm 9V to 18V DC. Negative Center. No internal housing for battery.
Aluminum housing. Lightness and robustness for your pedalboard.

Pedal manufactured, wired and assembled by hand in France.