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For those who missed the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2017, here’s a list of all the participating boards organized in what we’ll admit are somewhat questionable categories – there are so many, we thought it would be easier to browse them if they were organized in smaller groups.

THanks to all the participating manufacturers, the sponsors and the 1k+ attendees, see you next year!

“Classic” Boards

These are boards by established manufacturers that tend to have a more traditional, or classic, approach to guitar pedals and that have in their line at least one pedal per type of effect.

Classic “Boutique-y”  Boards

These are mostly smaller manufacturers that (as a choice or a circumstance) retain a boutique feel to their creations, even though they still produce more or less classic effects.

Edgy Boards

These manufacturers stand out for their attempt at creating stompboxes that are edgy and innovative without being entirely out there.

Experimental + Deep Boards

In this category, you’ll find stompboxes for the “more is more” guitarist who likes lots of options, and enjoys both synth-like and ambient sounds.

Gainy & Fuzzy Boards

Distortion and fuzz lovers, this is the place for you.

Mini Boards

If you like it small and light, you’ve got some great options here.

Preamps and All-In-One Pedals

These are boxes that deliver bread and butter tools for your tone, and do it well.