Alexander 1

In our Best Pedals of 2020 year-end summary, we stated that the Stereo/compact case combo was one of the new stompbox trends of the decade, and the Alexander Pedals Sugarcube seems to confirm it.

This is the first Stereo pedal in the company’s Neo Series, which is in compact case format and includes a host of modern features like multi-modes, presets, Midi compatibility,  momentary effects, ramping between presets, Alt button for extra control functions etc.

The pedal has four modes: Standard, Dimension (chorus without the LFO effect, inspired by the BOSS DC series), Rotary and Ice (Chorus + Pitch Shifting). The four knobs control 8 parameters with the help of the Alt button, with Tweak being a wild card affecting different settings depending on the mode.

We added the Alexander Pedals Sugarcube to our list of the Best Stereo Chorus Pedals, watch the first video of this pedal, below.

Some like their chorus tones toothache sweet. Others just want a hint of syrupy swirl. And no matter where you fall on that spectrum, the Sugarcube delivers.

We captured the essence of all our favourite chorus pedals from the 80s, added in a dash of rotary whirl and some crystallized pitch-shifting for good measure — and then wrapped it all up in a pedalboard-friendly package.

Of course, you get the MIDI, preset and expression pedal support you’ve come to expect from Alexander Pedals, but look — sugar addiction is real. Consider this your only warning.

FIRST BATCH SOLD OUT! Check with your favorite dealer to purchase.

Saccharine Pink version available exclusively through Rock’N’Roll Vintage in beautiful Chicago, IL.