The Acorn Amps Solid State Preamp is a compact version of the company’s Peavy-amp-inspired Solid State power pedal without the 10 Watt power section.

Peavy amps were solid-state guitar amplifiers from the ’90s that were massively overlooked for a while (mostly for lacking the “tube” buzzword) but whose once popular Decade model has been recently rediscovered for its great sounding wiry and aggressive tones.

The Solid State Preamp features two channels voiced after the ‘normal’ and ‘saturated’ channels of the original amp, plus a ‘thick’ switch that adds gain and low end (this feature is not found in the powered version of the pedal).  Five knobs include a 3-way EQ section and in and out level.

Listen to how it sounds in the videos!

Acorn Amps Solid State Preamp

In a 2021 interview, a relatively overlooked low-wattage practice amp was revealed to be a studio secret weapon for achieving wiry and aggressive tones for guitar, bass, and even drums and vocals. The latest release from Acorn Amplifiers, the Solid State Preamplifier, is a recreation of the preamp of that highly sought after amp, which has been packed into a slim pedal enclosure and loaded with features.

The Solid State Preamplifier features the ‘normal’ and ‘saturated’ channels of the original amp as foot-switchable tone modes, as well as an added ‘thick’ switch that provides heavy low end and added gain. Also, without the added cost of the power amp circuitry, the Solid State Preamplifier is nearly half of the price of the original Acorn Solid State Amp/Preamp.


  • Two foot-switchable tone channels – ‘normal’ for wiry, sparkling clean drive & ‘saturated’ for aggressive gain
  • Toggle switch to add ‘thick’ low end, added gain, and a signal boost
  • Pedalboard friendly compact design assembled in a 1590B aluminum enclosure
  • True bypass and powered by 9-18VDC pedal power. Consumes less than 100mA of current