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We got word from our friends at Walrus Audio that the Descent is… descending on us! (This is a pedal that in all likelihood you’ll be able to check it out at our upcoming Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit).

This is one of the most unique and intriguing reverb pedals that has come to our attention in quite awhile. Although to refer to this as only a reverb is a little unfair especially once you realize how many ancillary effects come in this box.

The Descent has three reverb modes:

Hall mode: A standard reverb effect that can go from almost no effect to massive waves of reverberation.

Reverse mode: A reverb saturated reversal of what you play.

Shimmer mode: This setting lets you control the number of times your copied signal stacks on itself.

Where it gets really interesting is in the second row of knobs. This pedal allows you to mix in the amount of dry, sub-octave and an octave up signal before it is run through the reverb effect. Combine that with three preset options, an expression pedal input and the ability to control this thing with an optional, tiny remote switch and you have more than one reason in the world to make this your new stompbox.