Tone Mob Model 001 Fuzz Generator

Some stories tell themselves, here’s the one of the Model 001 FuzzGenerator from the SolidGoldFX and Tone Mob websites (the pedal is the result of a collaboration between the two manufacturers):

So, a while back we released the original Model 001. It sold out head spinningly fast, and I’ve received a consistent influx of emails, DMs, and carrier pigeons asking when we would do another batch. Well, the answer is right now!

We wanted as many people as possible to get in on this round so the Aluminum Edition is open for preorder starting on Nov.18, 2016 and running until Nov. 29, 2016. However many get ordered in that time frame is how many we’ll make. Boom.

What’s this version all about? Glad you asked!

We took that gloriously versatile fuzz and turned the classiness dial up to 11.

Andrew Jackson of Stohn Guitars described the original Model 001 run as looking like you “put a tuxedo on your pedalboard.” I like to think the same thing about this version, except that RoboCop is wearing the tuxedo.

It features a thick brushed satin aluminum faceplate, machined aluminum knobs, incredibly rich double black printing, and an upgraded LED bezel. It also comes in that super sweet custom wooden box with pedal riser lid. Oh, and FUZZ.

To celebrate the launch of this beautiful beast, we had our dude Eirik over at Living Room Gear Demos work up a killer demo for us. Check it!

Guitar: Fano PX6 and Fender Baja Telecaster
Amp. Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial