We are always intrigued when we see a demo of a pedal by a manufacturer we are not aware of – in particular if the effect looks cool and has something different to it.

Not much info can be found about SSD Devices, but it sounds like a UK/US collaboration (the pedal was soldered in the UK and enclosure printed in the US.

Living Room Gear Demos just published this video of the EVA fuzz, a NOS Germanium transistor and Silicon transistor powered fuzz built not to sound like a vintage fuzz, but…

“…aimed at guitarists that want a fuzz pedal with a full response – not scooped like a muff or too uncontrollable, like a Fuzz Face (or derivative). It’s based on the Fuzz Factory and sound of the Black Russian Big Muff, as well as the preamp section of the Roland Space Echo. If you’re the sole guitarist in a band (as I am), you need a big and articulate fuzz that’s interesting tonally, but controllable and not too crazy.”

That bizarre red “thing” on it you see in the picture is an optional cover to prevent accidental switching of what’s described by the manufacturer as a “gnarly-looking missile toggle switch to keep filter control in place.” That switch, in the ‘up’ position gives a woolier, less filtered fuzz, but the default position is down for a more aggressive tone.”

The other toggle switch (in the center) is a three way boost for the silicon stage.

The controls are also not entirely straightforward – hey, where’s the gain?

“The first two (knobs) alter transistor bias (think of one as a gate, and one as a way of changing the ‘character’ of the fuzz – silicon to the left, germanium to the right); the other two are a fuzz volume and boost volume for the Space Echo preamp.”

Check out how it sounds, below.

Guitar: Gibson CS R4
Amp: Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial