New from T-Rex Engineering, the Yellow Drive is a dual channel overdrive that covers a lot of territory. Both channels A and B are equipped with their own set of volume, gain and tone controls, and are voiced differently to access a wider range of tonal options. An A/B Select foot switch allows the operator to seamlessly switch between their rhythm, lead or clean sounds within one device with very little tap dancing; leaving the operator free to concentrate on their performance rather than their effects. Top mounted jacks are a welcomed addition here and keep things compact and organized – perfect for tight pedalboards and right angle connectors.

The Yellow Drive provides clean, dare I say transparent gain. Where as most drive effects impart all sorts of eq boost or cut, the Yellow Drive stands clear of your tone and just provides the gain boost you want. Think of it like adding channels to your amp with “A” handling clean boost to medium drive, and “B” covering heavy crunch and lead settings.

I noticed upon first use the foot switches on the Yellow Drive felt different than most other pedals. When stepped on they offer a lighter operation and feel, but I can’t help but wonder how they’d hold up under enthusiastic use and a pair of Doc Martins. When prompted about this T-Rex replies:

“We use the momentary switch on the channel selector to reduce the mechanical noise, so that it’s more effective in         live/studio performances where silence is required. Both switches are very durable – the same type of switches were used on the very first Alberta pedals that T-Rex ever produced, and these pedals are still alive and kicking on boards around the world!”

The Yellow Drive is available only at Guitar Center and is listed for $159.99 which is far less than you’d pay for any other overdrive this transparent. If you are looking for a versatile drive pedal don’t hesitate to swing down to your local G.C. and check it out. – Arthur Fleischmann