rainger fx drff 3 5881

Of all the 250+ pedals participating in our upcoming Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit (October 19-20, RSVP here), the Rainger FX ones are definitely the most intriguing looking ones.

This London based company, founded by musician/engineer/pedal builder David Rainger, will be present at our show with two crazy looking babies, the Dr. Freakenstein Fuzz (pictured) and the Air Traffic Controller.

The first one is a tone-mangling distortion, adapted from John Hollis’ ‘Crash Sync’ circuit. It has a series of unexpected features which will arouse the sonic fantasies of the most callous noisemakers out there. The most glamorous one is that through a little remote pressure pad call (fairly enough) “Igor” you can get the pedal’s Tone to oscillate up and down like some kind of subtler auto-wah or weird sounding phaser – you can control the oscillator’s speed through the “Rate” knob.”  Check out the other features here and watch the video below for extra inspiration.

The other Rainger FX pedal participating in our exhibit is the trapezoidal Air Traffic Controller, a pedal that won’t go down in history as “the one with a footprint that makes sense,” but that might be remembered as “that crazy pedal with the Chrismas tree lights”… This is a guitar overdrive with a synthy edge mostly due to its high resonance filtering circuit – it can produce a lot of quirky, buzzy, squeaky, lo-fi and dirty sounds.

Check out the video below and try both pedals in person at our Stompbox Exhibit at Main Drag Music on October 19-20.