The Pedal Brainz Left Brain Expression Modulator belongs to the “controller” category of pedals, but also to the niche of devices to be filed under “if it was candy, we would eat it.”

The adorable-looking bright pink mini-pedal is a source of expression modulation patterns – up to 50 – which are generated internally via a light and color-based system utilizing the Arduino QTPY platform.

Plugging it into your favorite pedals’ Expression input will greatly expand their modulation capability by providing a host of new LFO shapes beyond the usual sine/ square/ triangle waves, either from the existing presets, or by creating new patterns using the Light Loopz mode, which lets you record new LFO patterns tracking the movement of the big side knob.

That knob, by the way, is called Scale and, in regular mode, controls the depth of the modulation, and it’s integrated by a Range switch offering additional scaling.

The pedal can also function as a manual expression pedal as well, when in EXP mode.

Pedal Brainz Left Brain Expression Modulator, Builder’s Notes

The Left Brain is a light-controlled expression pedal that interfaces with effects offering expression control.

Controllable patterns of light result in the virtual turning of knobs when used in conjunction with the available properties of a compatible effect pedal.

Over 50 Modez of controllable expression, an expression pattern loop recorder, and a host of other features to harness the potention waiting in your effects pedals.

What if you could get a little more modulation from an effect on the floor, without resorting to yet another giant-sized foot-controllable expression pedal.

Tired of repeating patterns of sine/ square/ triangle waves and eager to break the cycle with some constrained randomness?

Check out the documentation for an overview of the different modez, controls, and features.