Paradox Effects
Hey did you know there is such a thing as a Mexican guitar pedal company? Paradox Effects is one of the most prominent stompbox manufacturers south of the border, check out the Gear Man Dude’s video for this fuzz called Fuzz-E-Cat, and the rest of their cool pedal line here.

From the manufacturer’s site:

This pedal is a roaring oscillatory feline, a Fuzz designed to cross the sonic limits of any conventional distortion. The idea was to create an effect that was versatile, musical, and deafening with only two controls; VOLUME and FUZZ, setting your instrument on course through the esoteric Fuzztone dimension, filled with a harmonic content, followed by oscillatory tones that envelop and color your guitar.

However not everything is chaos and destruction. With the switch on GATE mode, you can eliminate the oscillation, unearthing a Fuzz free of Hissings, common on high gain pedals. – More info here.