9f6a2d_86d866630d564bd7b99b497ee276b43cmv21If you’re looking for a modern spring-style reverb pedal that can easily grab all kinds of sounds, the Skyline, from Columbus, IN manufacturer Rock Stock should be in your atmosphere.

The control scheme is fairly standard for a spring reverb. ‘Level’ balances your output signal, ‘Decay’ controls the amount of reverb, and ‘Drive’ adds overdrive to the reverb trails.  ‘Tone’ is a high-pass filter that affects only the reverb, leaving your guitar tone intact. This helps to balance the effect with bright guitars and/or amps, making it an easy match to any rig design. The Drive control really adds some analog delay vibes to the sound and cranking it up works great for aggressive reggae vibes, skanky funk licks, soulful blues, and much more. It’s also an independent circuit, which adds clarity.

You could use the Skyline in lieu of an amp’s reverb, but it’s capable of so much more than that. The effect is mono, and built like a tank. For spring-style reverb sounds from yesterday and tomorrow, the sky is the limit.

The pedal has been recently updated to V2, here are the list of improvements:

• Overall increase to available reverb (wet) signal
• Added independent overdrive circuit on wet signal path
• Increased decay length
• Now buffered bypass with trails