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Players looking for a classic overdrive sound would be wise to look into Mjolnir, Mythos Pedals’ take on the Klon tone. The Nashville, Tennessee company made their presence felt at this year’s Summer NAMM with their usual array of options; the new and upgraded Mjolnir is looking to join the collection very soon. This overdrive pedal, up for pre-order now, is an updated version of the stompbox users already knew and loved.

Transparency is the first thing that Mythos addressed, increasing it through a slight reduction in the treble and mids. The reduction allows for a cleaner tone when the gain is set low. The new Mjolnir brightens up the guitar’s natural sound with a tweaked Gain option that offers more clean headroom than ever before. The new version also features top-mount jacks for extra space saving.

The stompbox’s buffered bypass helps maintain signal quality throughout the chain. It is evident that Mythos has listened to fans of this popular stompbox by providing an improved option on a straightforward but classic guitar pedal.

After many requests we have updated our Mjolnir Overdrive pedal to feature top mount jacks! The Mjolnir is a tweaked version of one of the most sought after overdrives and the latest version offers some updated tonal changes. The pedals has a slight reduction in treble and mids so that it’s even more “transparent” with the gain set low and a more natural sound with the Tone control at noon. The Gain control has been tweaked for more clean headroom and a sweeter drive sound. It still features a buffered bypass.

Amazing amount of boost on tap

Treble control to dial in the perfect amount of top-end

Slight improvement to overdrive sound for smooth gain tones

Amazing buffered bypass which brings your chain back to life

Top Mount Jacks

Quality components throughout