First showcased at Musik Messe 2017, Mooer’s take on the Whammy (called Pitch Step) is now out in the world, just in time for NAMM 2018.

PITCH STEP is a polyphonic pitch shifter and harmonizer, conveniently built into a small expression pedal for real time control. The integrated features and control options make this pedal very flexible and useful for many different styles of music and applications. Pedal steel bends, whammy shifting, artificial tremolo dives, fat octave harmonies are just a few of the possibilities. Open up your expressive side with the MOOER PITCH STEP

Main Features

* Fast and accurate, polyphonic Pitch-Shifting
* Optional dry signal for harmonization
* Customizable pitch adjustment for -OCT/+OCT
* Adjustable shifting range and direction
* Includes MOOER’s unique pressure sensing technology

* Supports 9V battery power