MixCon 2021

Organized by Delicious Audio and pro audio blog SonicScoop, MixCon is the world’s only convention that’s all about music mixing, featuring videos from past shows have been seen millions of times all over the world.

This year, we’re bringing you free mixing masterclasses, workshops, walkthroughs and live Q&As once again, with a new premiere every week throughout the month of July and even into August.

Our MixCon 2021 lineup is one of the best yet, featuring multi-platinum selling and GRAMMY-winning producers and engineers, walking us through exactly what they do in the mix.

This year’s presenters include Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL), Quentin ‘Q’ Gilkey, Koen Heldens, Craig Bauer, and Tillie among others, spanning across genres from pop to hip hop, rock to EDM, alt-country to R&B and beyond. Be sure to RSVP now – all presentations are free and more will be added!

All videos are produced at the mixers’ own studios and premiered on YouTube, followed by a live interactive Q&A session.

There will also be a series of workshops and panels featuring leading managers and career advice for producers, mixers and engineers.

As always, MixCon is 100% FREE to attend! RSVP here for the live premieres of each of these comprehensive mix walkthroughs, and the live Q&As with these incredible and generous talents.

Can’t wait? Check out the best of past MixCons here with our MixCon playlist on YouTube.

Also, stay tuned for a HUGE PRO AUDIO GIVEAWAY!

The Folks at Delicious Audio