We met Joe Anastasio from Lone Wolf FX in Austin back in 2012 when we organized our very first Austin Stompbox Exhibit – at the time he was part of a now defunct manufacturer called Enormous Door FX). To be fair, he never struck us as the most organized of people (you can gather that much from his company’s website), but it’s obvious that the man’s got some talent when it comes to designing guitar pedals – and that’s all we care about.

Lone Wolf FX will be participating in our upcoming Summer NAMM 2016 Stompbox Exhibit, and we were caught unprepared when Joe told us he has now 29 (!!!) different pedals under its company’s name! From his recent Facebook posts it looks like business is picking up, orders are coming in, and many new models are about to see the light.

This company specializes in extreme sounding stompboxes designed for musicians playing any kind of loud rock, from metal to noise rock. The most popular item to date is the 2014 Left Hand Wrath Fuzz, a modernized and updated version of the Boss HM2, “tweaked for the ultimate in chainsaw ripping fury.” There’s now also an even more tweaked version of it called Left Hand Wrath Fuzz Deluxe “to further chainsaw your tone to hell and back,” – it ain’t cheap though!

One of the new models our SNAMM visitors will be able to check out is the Hypnotic Eye variable stage phaser/fuzz. Here’s how Joe Describes it in its Facebook post

This is set on 9 stages of phase, with the Outer Heaven fuzz driving it. This is the first phaser of its kind to allow you the full range of phase options from 4-12 stages, and every stage inbetween. want odd stage phase, 11? You got it. You want the option to change phase speed on the fly via a footswitch? You got it. You want some boost, You got it.

You can check out a demo of it here.

Here’s another video for the F.O.A.D. distortion – enjoy at responsible volume!