Black Country Custom Secret Path

UK manufacturer Laney has been at the top of the heap of amp manufacturers for decades, building a name for themselves since 1967. Founder Lyndon Laney was playing in a band with Robert Plant and John Bonham (pre-Led Zeppelin) when he decided to dedicate his time to building guitar amplifiers. In the years since, the company has manufactured many kinds of pro audio equipment, including guitar pedals.

The Secret Path is a digital reverb belonging to the Black Country Custom series. It features 3 very useful settings for guitar: Spring, Plate, and “The Secret Path” which is a large hall reverb with an optional shimmer setting. There are controls for Pre-delay, Volume, Size, and Tone.

It boasts some “hidden” parameters, like a smart switch that when held down engages “enhance mode”. This offers additional tones like a modulation added to the Spring and Plate settings, and a shimmer setting added to The Secret Path setting. Holding the edit button allows access to additional control adjustments like the intensity of shimmer to the reverb signal, and also determines how the optional expression pedal reacts in real time – like setting the overall wet/dry mix and the modulation/reverb mix.

It sports additional features like stereo outputs and a specialized tri-color LED that lets you see which setting is engaged when on a dark stage. The Secret Path also provides a consistent signal load so there is no tone loss when used with a passive volume pedal.

Reverb is evocative of space – a note contains pitch, but reverb contains place. Without reverb you have no idea where you are. Every note has been played it is what happens between the notes that is special. The Secret Path is a beautiful pedal – crafted reverbs for Spring and Plate, reminiscent of the heyday of classic amp and studio tones combined with modern day sound quality and reliability. Plus – The Secret Path – a deep, dark, mesmerising ambience with a sublime, brooding, dynamically evolving shimmer.

Tri Colour LED
Tri coloured LED’s are more expensive than regular single colour LED’s, but we feel they are worth the investment. Where you have a pedal that has multiple modes on a dark stage a tri colour LED gives you a clear visual reference to which mode your pedal is running in.

Silent Switching
It is important that when you activate an effect there is no switching noise. So, we take great care in designing a switching system that is totally silent in operation. The only thing you should here is a great sounding product.