Hey remember that time when ZVex bestowed upon the Earth the Fuzz Factory? Well prepare to throw that memory in the trash while you make room for the Fuzz Factory 7.

This new version is packed with new features that are sure to take your fuzz fetish to fantastic new heights. This new incarnation still allows you to get all the great recommended settings of the original. Such as Velcro Fuzz and Radio Fuzz.

What’s new are a few more parameter controls. The first is a 9 position rotary sub switch (labeled FAT) that ranges the gambit of  “fatty” tones to “reedy”.  Next is a “TONE” knob associated with the TONE stomp switch for rolling off the high end of the fuzz.  Finally, the most visually attractive feature, is the new Lexan  window that lets you peer inside at not one but two rare 1956 Amperex black glass transistors. So get out there and try this thing. – Grayson Fiske.