Fulltone CS Supa-Wah

Michael Fuller, owner and founder of Fulltone and proven trouble seeker, has been able to stay out of controversy for over two years now (way to go, Michael!), so we feel a little less bad about reporting on the company’s new pedal, which undoubtedly looks like a very cool device: the Fulltone CS Supa-Wah.

This is an evolution of their popular Clyde Wah Deluxe, adding two new modes (Phat and Sub), for a total of five unique voices.


  • Phat mode is the throatiest, most vocal of the bunch.
  • Sub is deep and expressive, great both for guitar and bass
  • Wacked delivers the most classic wah tone
  • Jimi is voiced after the 1960’s units favored by the legendary British guitarist
  • Shaft will recreate the wah tone preferred by funk guitarists for their rhythmic parts

Just like in the Clyde, a fuzz-friendly switchable Booster/Buffer Level knob, placed on the other side of the pedal, offers up to 20db of clean boost and, when activated, fixes any compatibility problem with fuzz pedals you may have in the effect chain.

Here’s the video of the Supa-Wah – we added it to our article about the best wah pedals and the best fuzz-friendly wahs.

Fulltone CS Supa-Wah, Builder’s Notes

The Fulltone Custom Shop SUPA-WAH, with its gorgeous Metallic-White finish, takes our legendary CLYDE Wah concept to the next level by offering two additional Modes, for a total of Five unique voices. Like having five totally different Wah pedals at your disposal, the modes are accessible via a large rotary switch located on the right side of the pedal! PHAT mode is the throatiest, most vocal Wah sound and my personal favorite. SUB is deep, grunty, and unbelievably expressive…works great on Bass, but certainly not just for Bass players! The SUPA-WAH is powered by a matched-pair of rare BC109B transistors (subject to availability) which were the same ones used in 1960s Vox Clyde McCoys. There’s an adjustable input LEVEL Knob allowing the signal to hit the wah circuit cleanly (when turned down) or to overdrive it for grit and more overtones (when turned up).

Here’s a couple of satisfied owners:
Wow! I received my CS Supa-Wah. I absolutely love it. The quality and care of the build, the options , the sound quality right down to the color! It’s beautiful. Thanks! Mine was #58
-Mark C

I received my Custom Shop Supa-Wah a few days ago and just wanted to tell you how blown away I am by it. It’s pretty much perfect.
Like a lot of guitar nerds, I’ve been on a low-key hunt for the right wah for like a decade.
The search is over. You did an amazing job with this one.
– Jeff N