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Here’s an innovative niche pedal for fans of the DigiTech Whammy, courtesy of Molten Voltage, an Oregon based manufacturer of guitar effects with a specialization in MIDI controls, displays and interfaces with other pedals.

Their latest development is called the G-Quencer, and it serves as a controller and interface for the Whammy that is capable of taking the Whammy’s pitch shifting powers to new heights while giving the user sequencing capabilities to construct and build melodies out of the altered pitch tones. The G-Quencer builds off the company’s line of Molten MIDI pedals and adds new otherworldly and robotic sounds not available to the Whammy alone.

The DigiTech Whammy is typically known to be a skill-based pedal that requires expertise in mastering, so adding another layer of control to it via the G-Quencer is probably best suited for familiar Whammy users, but the unit comes with a nice catalog of built in 32 presets with descriptive sounds like Wormhole, Laser, Beatnik, Broken, Muddier, and Voltini.

Musically, if you are a guitarist set on landing a gig scoring the next big tech-driven dystopian future blockbuster, this is your weapon of choice. It’s not so much a tool for enhancing the tone of the guitar as much as it is onel for morphing the instrument into a pitch shifting light saber.

Check out the demo below with a cameo by Bill’s giant beer, and more instructive videos here. – Ryan Dembinsky