Ernie Ball has introduced the Expression Tremolo pedal, the latest addition to its Expression Series.

Like other pedals in the series, it’s housed in the Expression chassis, which lets you blend in the effect via the unit’s rocker pedal.

Expression Tremolo has controls for Depth, Rate, Waveshape and Reverb. The five waveshapes include Sine, Slow Rise, Slow Fall, Square and Harmonic Tremolo. Depth and Rate can be set via the knobs or controlled in real time with the rocker. The addition of Reverb gives you two effects in one pedal.

Watch the Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo in the video below (by and visit Ernie Ball for more information.

Here’s the video of the pedal we shot directly at our NAMM booth! Discover more new devices in our comprehensive, interactive page of new pedals announced at NAMM 2018.