51LyTw0W36L. SL500 AC SS350 1
Living Room Gear demo of the Emma Electronics PisdiYAUWot!

Powerful and versatile high-gain pedal made for metal.
Extremely tight and transparent attack – no mud, all metal!
Ultra-wide gain range – from low-gain to beyond high-gain
Highly intuitive control set – dial in amazing tones quick and easy
Top-mounted I/O
Handmade in Denmark
Untrue-Bypass switching – a super-transparent buffered bypass
The PisdiYAUwot is pure fire. It’s lightning in a bottle. It’s what every other metal pedal out there wishes to be. It’s the sound of a tight and punchy high-gain amp in a box, ready to bring down the house on your command. The EQ section pots are optimized to work in interaction with each other, and the gain range is extremely wide. Turn down the MID a bit, turn up the HIGH and get that old school Pantera like scoop. Turn the MID up, the HIGH down a bit and the LOW up, and you get a very modern in your face mega power distortion. Want it more brutal, turn the GAIN down a bit. Want it more gritty, turn it up.

Guitar: Gibson ES-335 Satin Finish
Amp: Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial
Cables: Toaster Cables – http://www.toastercables.com/
Patch cables: Mulder Audio – http://www.mulderaudio.com/