Chris Rocha El Valiente

Famed Latino guitarist Chris Rocha recently unveiled his signature overdrive El Valiente, released in collaboration with Little Endian Engineering.

Recreating his signature warm, clean and slightly saturated tone, the pedal features two modes, green and red, which can deliver a wide range of tonal results, from transparent to heavy.

Hear how the Chris Rocha El Valiente sounds in the video below.

The Valiente is the signature pedal designed for Chris Rocha and represents the foundation of his sound, both live and in the studio. In many of his productions, his characteristic tone stands out for being warm, clean and with a touch of saturation. In its two modes, green and red, you can get a huge range of possibilities when playing. From a transparent sound on your rhythm guitars, to a heavy sound for your leads, El Valiente is definitely a pedal that will surprise you.