We blogged about Canadian pedal manufacturers 6 Degrees FX a few months ago and were thoroughly impressed with the 3rd generation of their four pedal line, comprised exclusively of gain stompboxes.

We are proud to announce that the company will unveil a new overdrive this coming weekend at our Los Angeles Stompbox Exhibit: the Amplitude Eleven. This Class A overdrive looks nothing short of delicious – we are wondering if it will get some decals like its brothers and sisters!

There is no documentation available for it as of now but it looks like a 2 channel overdrive with separate Drive and Tone knobs per each channel and a Preamp with Bass and Treble EQ common to both circuits. The left footswitch changes the channel while the one on the right bypasses the entire circuit.

The G.A.S. toggle switch is something we already saw in the Millie Fuzz, and should have the function of switching between Germanium, Asymmetrical, and Silicon clipping modes.

Here’s a frontal picture of the pedal where you can see all the controls. Come and play with this baby at the Los Angeles Stompbox Exhibit on December 2-3!

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