Best Selling Boutique Fuzz Pedals

In recent years has become one the of biggest online retailers of guitar pedals in the US, so it’s safe to say that any of their “best selling” pedal charts have a good statistical chance of reflecting the national trends.

Here at Delicious Audio we regularly publish extremely thorough shopping guides focused on one specific effect, but, frankly, there are so many fuzz pedals out there that even contemplating such task makes our head spin.

That’s why Reverb’s list of ‘The 20 Most Popular Boutique Fuzz Pedals on Reverb‘ looks exactly like what the doctor ordered – we couldn’t resist the temptation to “translate” it into one of our super-awesome interactive galleries, that way fuzz geeks can compare the videos effortlessly without having to open 20 separate tabs!

Check it out below, and don’t forget to visit the original page for more info!

 To hear/see the pedals’ video demos, click on the thumbnails.