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************ 2015-2016 EDITIONS (Brooklyn + SXSW) ************

“Overall, I thought it went great! I was incredibly surprised by the amount of traffic both at the SBE and specifically at our booth. I think that having everyone walk around with guitars and listen via headphones was a really genius way to organize the event, and those AmpliFIRE modelers sounded great.”
Brad Thorla, EarthQuaker Devices

“For the size of the venue it was pretty solidly busy. There were many people filtering in and out throughout the day.” 
Rik, Electro Harmonix

“I thought the traffic was exceptional on both days.”
Peter Swiadon, BOSS

“I thought it was very brisk, not much time was spent without someone playing our pedals or chatting with me. Great location, geographically and culturally. Very helpful staff as well. Not sure it could have been improved other than the heat!!!”
Holly, Chase Bliss Audio

“As a small manufacturer of effects pedals with limited means, one of the most important thing for us is to have as many people as possible try our pedals. Paolo and his team at the Stompbox Exhibit have been making this possible for us since 2012 and with each show, more ears are present to hear what we’re all about.”
Guillaume Fairfield, Fairfield Circuitry

“Paolo, you organize guitar show where people actually show up!”
Lloyd, Tech 21

“…the last SXSW was a huge success, the amount of attendees through the Stompbox Exhibit was almost overwhelming at times. Which is great! Even Adrian Belew dropped by a few times.”
Russell Gray, TC Electronic

“We’re big fans of the Stompbox Exhibit. It’s a great way for us to connect with musicians and provide an opportunity to really dig into our gear.”
Ethan Tufts, Strymon

“[The SXSW Stompbox Exhibit] was great! The space was excellent […] It was beyond expectation for me. It was like NAMM in a lot of ways, except without the constant noise level.”
Nathan Wilson, T-Rex

“I thought the traffic was really good [at the Brooklyn show], […] people were using [our board] from opening until when I left.
Mike Piera, Analog Man

“I think [the Brooklyn show] was a successful event! It’s always nice talking to customers, and I got some good testimonial video footage at the event.”
Alan Chaput, Eventide

“Stompbox Exhibits are an excellent way for small pedal companies to get their products in front of players”
Orin Portnoy, Mod Kits DIY

“We were very pleased to have JangleBox pedals at the 6th Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit.  It’s great that a lot guitar players got a chance to try our terrific new J-Boost clean booster coupled with one (or more!) of our JangleBox compressors. We plan to be at Summer NAMM 2017, and have a presence at other music instrument showcases via The Deli. We’re hard at work on a terrific new pedal for 2017 — but we’re still in development, so we don’t want to spill the beans quite yet!”
Steve – JangleBox

“Overall, the [SXSW] experience was great, exactly what was promised was delivered.”
Scott Dunmire, MC Systems

“Everyone who came by [at the SXSW show] was really into trying out all sorts of different pedals. If you want to get your pedals in front of a wide audience of players, this is a great way to do it!”
Ashley Atz, VHT Amps

************ 2014 EDITION ************

“The traffic was great. Actually we were surprised how consistently busy it was both days.”
Curt – Red Panda

“Just wanted to tell you that the whole show was great!”
Nathan Wilson – T-Rex

“We were satisfied with the traffic, There was more traffic than two years ago when I was there.”
Jeremy – Eventide

“This was a fantastic event!
Russell – TC Electronic

“Yes, I felt that I was given a good opportunity to engage with the customers of the Deli Expo. You did a great job Paolo! ”
Andrew – MOOG

“I spoke briefly with Scott about the show and he seemed very positive :)”
Scott – MC System

“Foot traffic was excellent and felt like more people overall than last year.”
Ryan – Fuzzrocious FX

“I thought the show went great!!  I got a lot of positive response from people who checked out my gear, and I’m hoping it’ll be a huge boost in business for me. ” –
James – Main Ace FX

************ 2013 EDITION ************

“I thought the traffic was really heavy and steady throughout the event” – “You guys do a great job […] I really thought this was a great show.”
Jeremy T-Rex Pedals

“You are doing a GREAT job!!!!!”
Mike – AnalogMan

“Personally, I enjoyed the show and the guys from Main Drag told me that we did great.” – “Strength in excitement and customer interaction.”
Kevin – Electro Harmonix

“Saturday was the busier day, but Sunday was the more intimate day in that I felt like people could try what they wanted at each booth without waiting for someone to finish.” – “There was plenty of Facebook, website, and blog presence. Everything was generally easy to find/share through social media.”
Ryan – Fuzzrocious Pedals

” I was only there on Sunday and it was great. Yamil was there both days and he said Saturday was packed all day.” – “…you do a great job man…easy to get a hold of on the phone and email. Never any surprises.” – “…you set it up at the best shop in Brooklyn. Its affordable. Its free to the public.”
Mike – TSVG Pedals

************ 2012 EDITION ************

“Really, the exhibit was a pleasure to be part of. Easy load in/out. The folks at Main Drag know their stuff, and were there to help every step of the way. On behalf of Pigtronix the annual stompbox exhibit was really a lot of fun and a great way to spend a Friday/Saturday.
The turnout was great, it was better than we hoped it would be. Other than having a live webcast of cool parts of the show- I think you are doing the right things. Create a positive vibe, and the customers will come.”
Mike McAndrew, Pigtronix


“It was a good event. There was a nice showing both days (despite rain on Friday) and it was clear TRex and Strymon had the bigger draws.”
Nathan – T-Rex


“Thanks for putting this all together. I know I had a swell time.”
Kevin Jolly – EHX


“Alan tells me the event went well.  Thanks for inviting us and your assistance in making it happen. We are interested in next year.  Please send me the details as they emerge.”
Ray Maxwell – Eventide

“Great job on the show, I enjoyed it! We should be interested in SXSW thanks!”
Mike – Analog Man


Jack Napoli – Analog Alien

“What a great show! We had a blast. Looking forward to doing it again next year!”


Brian Hamilton – SmallSound/BigSound
all in all, i thought the experience was great!”

Spencer  Doren – 3 Leaf Audio

“Main Drag was a great venue for the expo. Turnout was a little light on Friday, but it was great on Saturday.”


John from Pedaltrain didn’t send feedback via email but I talked to him extensively and he was extremely happy with the exhibit and already agreed to be involved in our SXSW and NAMM editions.