Here are all the details about the upcoming Synth and Pedal event Synthesthesia.


This page might be updated with new info, please bookmark it.

Name: Synthesthesia 2021
Date: March 14th, 2021
Time: 1.30 pm to 9.30 pm ET
RSVP times (ET): 1.30 pm, 3.30 pm, 5.30 pm

Cost for Visitors: FREE

  • What I need to know NOW!! (Please)
    1. If you booked a giveaway, please let me know what prize you’d like to include in it.
    2. If you are planning on having a live stream on YouTube
    3. If you are planning on having your landing page hosted on our site or not.
  • Portal (Landing Web Page, link soon to be announced)
    The event will be hosted on a regular website similar tothis one, accessible through any internet browser and open to anyone – no need to download an app nor to log in.
  • Content Organization
    Content will be organized in Zones, and also through an Event Schedule – both accessible through the landing webpage. Both will have links to the Vendor Pages.
    – Zones: they are web pages like this one, organized by synth format (Eurorack, Mini-Synth, Effects, etc)
    – Event Schedule: This will be a simple time-table of ALL content (streams and video premieres) with links to each. The Schedule is the main driver of traffic, so we’ll figure out how to get each company to have a few items in it.
    – Vendor Page: This is your company’s page with all the content: we can host them on our site using a template like this one  for an extra $85 (we can provide a chat system if necessary) or you can host them on your own site (we’d send you a logo of the event to link back to it).
  • Your Content’s Format
    The event will be in open format, which means that each manufacturer will be free to participate however it prefers (streaming videos, pre-recorded videos or simple links to pages are the most common formats). The only requested format is the use of YouTube – if you are using the video format.
  • Building Your Zone sections and Vendor Pages
    We will be happy to assist you at no extra charge with the creation of your companies’ section(s) in the Zones, for which you’ll have to provide graphic files, text and links.If you’d like us to host your Vendor Page on our site, we’d charge an extra $85 and use this template as a reference, for which you’ll have to provide graphic files, text and links.
  • Best Times for Your Scheduled Content
    To distribute the traffic more evenly, we decided to have three different RSVP times:
    1.30 pm ET
    3.30 pm ETThis being said most of the traffic will still come in right away at 1.30. So you should definitely have your first event during the first 2 hour segment (1.30-3.30). We will spread the events throughout that timeline according to priority (companies with a bigger plan go first).
    ATTENTION: You can’t have more than 1 event in the schedule every 90 minutes.
  • Discounts
    If you are selling direct, we invite you to create discount codes/links for your shopping page so that visitors can easily buy your products.
    If you are not selling direct, we’ll have a few stores giving discounts on products picked up locally – we are working on the list and we’ll send it out soon.
  • Giveaways
    All Giveaways will be ready by the event’s date but some might extend beyond it. There’s no need for you to send us the prize, we’ll send you the address of the winners so that you can ship the prize to them directly.
  • Promotional Material
    Digital Flyer (optimized for Instagram): Download here.
    Please link all promotions to this page
    Facebook Post to share: here
    Instagram Post: here.
  • Material Deadline: March 3rd
    Material includes graphics with the correct size, copy and links for your Schedule and Zones. I will send specs for the graphic files in a separate email. We’ll use the period between March 3rd and March 13th to optimize your pages.
  • SPECS:
    Zone Pages: 
    1. Company logo: 402 px wide x 100 px tall
    2. 1 to 4 rectangular images (+link ) for EACH zone you purchased to cover the 550px wide x 364px tall area in the right space of the zone (see template here). You can see example of the various configurations here.
    3. Maximum 4 short lines of text + link for the bullet list on the left of your zone area, under the logo ( see template here).
    – Vendor Pages (Optional for an extra $85)
    We’ll mostly use the same art from the Zone page, with an extra header (like in this example). We’ll work on together and I’ll send specs separately.
  • Payment
    I will start working on invoices later this week. If you are a US company, for payment of $225 or less you can use Paypal Friends with email bigger invoices please send a check to the address below:
    Paolo De Gregorio
    3-4485 Av. de l’Hôtel-de-Ville
    Montreal, QC H2W 2H6


The Zones (pages organized by synth format) and Vendors pages are organized in a modular way consisting of horizontal “Content Strips,” so the image specs are the same for both.

1. Horizontal Content Strip: 1 per Zone, up to 3 for the Vendor Page 

The below is a horizontal Content Strop, consisting of text + links on the left and from 1 to 4 images are on the right side. As I mentioned, Zones and Vendor pages share this format. The example below has 2 horizontal images.

The image below is one strip. You can have up to three of these with different images/links on your Vendor page, but just one on each Zone page.

Zone area

Strip Section Image Specs: 

Logo: 402px wide x 100 tall – this will also be used at the top of the vendors page
Right Image:  550px wide  x 364px tall
(or any configuration up to 4 images that adds up to those measures)

Text Specs
No more than 5 links. Each line of text must be 24 characters or less.

2. Logo and catchphrase for top of Vendor Page

We need a logo and a super short catchphrase for the top of the Vendor Page.

logo area

Top Logo Specs: 581px wide x 175px tall

3. Vendors Page Header

The Vendor Page has a header, the section in the image below, which is purely decorative (it’s great for some beauty shots of your synths).


Header Image Specs: 
Left Image: 402px wide x 190 tall
Right Image:  550px wide x 190 tall

If you have any questions please email or call him at 347 983 0175.