feature 31

Many contemporary bands thrive on the creation of new sounds and textures. Here’s a cool idea that’s also CPU friendly – since it implies using samples instead of computer-power-hungry reverb plug-ins.

With the help of a simple noise gate, a stereo enhancer plug-in, and a virtual sampler (like Drumagog or any of the free samplers available online), any more or less “linear” sound can be transformed into an effect similar to a reverb – but more interesting. For example, you can try some white or pink noise triggered by the snare, or even a more textured sample that you may find in your library or out in the world. Sounds with a tone can also be cool for a section of the song that works with their note.

The function of the gate plug in, of course, is to allow you to control its decay, while a compressor plug in can be used to fine tune attack and sustain.

If the sound is mono or doesn’t confer to the snare that roomy quality provided by reverb, you can try and apply a stereo enhancer to it, or maybe some very short stereo delay. Some EQ might be necessary to blend the sample in with the rest of the track.

This kind of effect can sound very intriguing, but also get a little repetitive, so in most cases, it’s better to use it sparingly on sections of songs or maybe even one occasional hit.