Jan 20, 2020



Univox Superfuzz circuit with a switch that allows the user to toggle between the two classic voicings. A parametric EQ tweaks things even more. Expression pedal input controls the EQ. Pairs perfectly with the tap-tempo-able Sidestep, which injects LFO control into the TWA’s expression pedal input – or any pedal’s!

Inspired by the vintage Univox Super Fuzz, the TWA WX-01 Wahxidizer captures the iconic tones of that legendary fuzzy monster while simultaneously reinventing its user interface and control capabilities.

All the crazed, crunchy, cacophonous octave-fuzz tones of the Univox have been replicated with pinpoint accuracy.  In addition, a Parametric EQ circuit has been added to allow for everything from precise fine-tuning to dramatic transformations of the pedal’s EQ curve.

Better yet, this EQ can be swept either via playing dynamics or by EXP pedal, effectively adding an envelope-controlled filter to the Fuzz or turning the pedal into a fuzz/wah/octave respectively.

Caustic on Guitar, massive on Bass, the Wahxidizer can create a vast substrate of expressive, explosive, & corrosive tones.