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Oct 1, 2018

As many of our readers have learned from this popular post, an EQ pedal is a powerful tool for sculpting precise tones from your favorite overdrive stompbox.

J. Rockett Audio Designs clearly appreciates the power of that combination. The company has just introduced Melody, a signature EQ/overdrive pedal designed for Mark Lettieri, guitarist with Snarky Puppy.

In addition to an overdrive circuit with Volume and Gain controls, Melody features a six-band graphic EQ with 18 db of boost and cut on each frequency band, giving you the power to sculpt the exact tone you want.

Melody combines the DNA of J. Rockett’s Blue Note and The Dude pedals onto the platform of the Majestic overdrive circuit. Lettieri calls it “the most flexible overdrive I’ve ever played.”

The Mark Lettieri signature drive gives you a smooth overdrive capable of jazz to rock tones. Mark needs versatility, so not only does the Melody OD provide excellent overdrive characteristics, it includes a 6-band graphic EQ with 18 db cut and boost on each frequency. This feature allows for solo boosts or to help a struggling backline setup. This thing will elevate your rhythm and solo tone and feel.

Here are two videos of the pedal. For more information and to order, go here.