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Oct 9, 2020

One Control Oney Bee

Japanese stompbox manufacturer One Control has gotten a lot of attention in recent years for their high-end mini-pedals, forged in collaboration with star designer Bjorn Juhl, previously involved with Mad Professor and BearFoot FX.

Bjorn’s most popular stompbox design pre-dating his involvement with third parties is the Honey Bee OD, a circuit he seems able to “lend” (or maybe license?) to the various manufacturers he chooses to collaborate with – a rather unique occurrence.

Originally released under his own BJFE imprint (those original units are now selling for several hundred dollars) the pedal was revived for some time under Bearfoot FX.

One Control has recently announced their own version of it, hosted in a regular compact stompbox format (not a mini one), and featuring the usual three knobs and golden case – although with different graphics.

The One Control product page shows a useful version timeline:

The original Honey Bee OD was inspired by the sound of an old Supro amp.  The first Honey Bee was released on December 4, 2002.  Although the Honey Bee OD has been in production for many years, every single revision has had improvements.  It’s important to note that basic tone color characteristics have not changed.  However, depending on the time of production, players will notice subtle changes of certain characteristics.

Revision 1: Increased output level.

Revision 2: Increase upper midrange response.

Revision 3:  Full clockwise rotation of the Nature control was changed from mild treble cut to mild treble boost. This revision occurred at approximately serial number 147

Revision 4 (One Control):  Contains all revisions mentioned above as well as a 6dB gain increase.  This gain increase was a very popular request among existing Honey Bee users.  This gives the Drive control more range.

And here’s the explanation of the controls::

?Vintage / Modern:  Switch between the sound of the original Honey Bee Overdrive (Vintage) and the sound of the current version (Modern).
Volume: Adjust overall volume

Drive: Strength of the distortion.

Nature: Frequency range control that fine tunes the overall color of your tone.  At the counter-clockwise position, the lows and low mids are more predominant.  In the clockwise direction, a softer output is obtained.  Tip: Start at the 12 o’clock position and adjust to your liking.

Here are the videos of the One Control Oney Bee