Mike Nelson while he mans the Boomerang Pedals board.

Mike Nelson (Boomerang Music): “The show was a great experience; Thanks for making it possible to attend the show on a shoe string budget. You enthusiasm and willingness to work the floor, steering people into the booth is appreciated. The whole thing was well orchestrated.

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Don Rusk of Bearfoot pedals with legendary guitarist Adrian Belew at the SNAMM 2013 Stompbox Exhibit.

Don Rusk (BearFoot pedals):“Yeah that was fun and productive and much easier than running a full booth alone and I think I got just as much exposure, thanks!

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Mike Klein from TSVG Pedals interviewed by Premier Guitars.

Mike Klein(TSVG Pedals):
“We didn’t know what to expect, but it was incredible. We made great contacts […] we were interviewed by Premier Guitar Magazine […] made deals with Amazon.com as well as quite a few guitar shop owners.” – full interview here.