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Here are excerpts from the feedback pedal reps left for the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2018. Pretty glowing reviews overall – needless to say, we’ll make sure we’ll have better AC and WiFi next year!

P.S. Curious about feedback from previous years? Here it is: 20172015-6

Mind-blowing attendance. There was not a break in sight. From the moment the Expo opened, we were raided with enthusiastic guests. So glad we had two boards. Both boards were occupied the whole time. Your level of prompt communication is outstanding and gives me lots of assurance that I have all the information I need. – Jinna, Meris

Saturday was amazing, so many people came! Sunday was a little more chill which was actually nice since it was a little less crowded. I’d say overall we had a huge number of attendees! The space was great, but given how many exhibitors you have now (which is amazing) I think a larger space could be good. – Anna, EarthQuaker Devices

Once again, this event was a blast. I had pretty constant traffic at the board, and got to meet a good number of people who had never heard of our company before, so that’s always great. I think having the synth expo included in the event is a really good thing. – Mike, Chase Bliss Audio

We were genuinely surprised with the amount of people that played on our board and the amount of interest each person had. There was a consistent flow all throughout.  We weren’t able to bring other pedals to sell but when we returned home that Monday, we were shocked with the amount of orders we had. – Clint, Deep Space Devices

I loved the event, and from my end, everything went super smoothly. Well attended and an awfully nice group of people to be around. I actually had some people not able to checkout my stuff because I had a line. I’ve done a huge amount of business the week after the show, and I think that has a lot to do with the exposure from the show. – Geof, Farm Pedals

Definitely the busiest show I’ve done in a long time. […] I had a great time and thought it was a ton of fun. Got to meet a lot of really cool people whom I’ve only gotten to interact with via the internet. The turnout was great and there were a lot more manufacturers there than I had originally thought there would be. – Leon, Pelican Noiseworks

Overall experience was Great! Well organized & great social media/advertising. Met a lot of great people, and saw a lot of cool gear. Overall the experience was great, i sold enough product to offset the cost, and met a lot of really cool people! – Francois, Frayed Knot Electronics

The overall experience was great! The traffic was constant / very busy. Everything was smooth as far as communication, next year we will bring a synth to demo pedals as well. Great show, needed better AC/ ventilation. – Tom, Electro-Harmonix

Very busy – felt a little more cramped and louder than recent Brooklyn events at Main Drag, because of lower ceilings. SBE continues to be a key part of our marketing plan for our pedal brands. Erik, SFM (One Control, Animals Pedal, Outlaw FX)

Really good traffic, it was both better and more informed than it has been in years past.  The addition of the synth expo in the same place was fantastic. It’s a great show, I don’t want to see too much change honestly. I’m excited for the next one already! – Ryan DiPietrantonio, Hotone

I’m very happy with the experience. Strengths: a lot of brands in a manageable space, friendly and caring crew, nice location and easy to reach.
weaknesses: nothing to say. – Gennaro, MOOER

Heavy traffic and a positive experience, overall.  Not only are the attendees nice (and some of them were already customers, and very supportive of our brand), it was a pleasure to meet many of the other manufacturers, who were all super-great people! – Lloyd, Tech 21

As always, the Stompbox Exhibit was a fantastic time! James, Main Ace FX

Good experience overall. Merging the synth and pedal expos into one event is a good way to cross-pollinate effects users of varied types. This is especially useful for brands that are trying to develop tools that reach a wider scope of artists, rather than just guitarists. – Sylvie Demers, Red Panda

We are happy with the crowd that the event attracted. The demographic was very refined. It was way too hot! I prefer Main Drag as the venue. The vibe was slightly better there, and the heat wasn’t an issue, the number of visitors was still slightly less at our spot. – Nathan, Source Audio

This overall was better just by the way it felt. We had more room for sure. Main Drag gets more foot traffic and just feels more “happening,” but I will take this place over MD if it means more folks getting in front of our gear. The only improvement I can suggest is to provide each vendor with more room. Being able to display product to sell right there would really help. – Ryan, Fuzzrocious

Overall the experience was good. I would have liked to have sold more but I did sell enough to recover my investment. – Kevin, Wilson Effects

List of participating manufacturers:

Boards with Rep:

6 Degrees FX
Animals Pedal
Caroline Guitars
Deep Space Devices
Death By Audio
Dunlop/MXR/Way Huge
Dusky Amplification
Earthquaker Devices (x2)
Farm Pedals
Floating Forest FX
Frayed Knot
Jonny Rock Gear
Main Ace FX
Meris  (x2)
Mod Kits DIY
Old Blood Noise
One Control
Outlaw Effects
Pelican NoiseWorks
Rabbit Hole FX
Red Panda
Source Audio
Stacks FX
Tech 21
The King of Gear
Wilson Effects

Unmanned Boards:

BAE Audio
Empress FX
JHS Pedals
Mastro Valvola
Strymon (x2)
Walrus Audio (x2)
Wampler Pedals