Click on the image  for more pictures of the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2017.

These are excerpts of the feedback we received from the reps who participated in our Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2017. Feedback from previous event can be found here.

“We’re very pleased with the 2017 Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit. In previous years, we did not have reps in attendance. Honestly, the product manager and I questioned whether to participate this year. We agreed if we did exhibit, we needed to have someone in attendance to assess the show and find out if it was all that Paolo has billed. After hearing the report back, we are sold.” – Jim Gallagher from Ibanez

“We were very happy! It was a great event. It was very well attended, with a line out front before doors opened, and steady traffic at our table all day both days. I was really impressed with how organized it was and that headphone rigs were available to everyone and that the setup was so simple. We also sold a lot of pedals!” – Anna Blumenthal from Earthquaker Devices

“I was super happy with the whole experience. Setting up and interacting with fans and potential customers (as well as other pedal companies) was easy, stress-free and fun. Our board was in use non-stop for very long stretches. Compared to events where people are faced with picking up an unfamiliar instrument, this event felt like a constant stream of people who were eager to play. – Patrick from Electro Harmonix

“A lot of people played our board.  I am happy with the number of sales we had.” – James from Hotone/Hartke

“We had a great time, it seemed even more packed than it was last year! A very well put together marketing event. We got very constant traffic and people really seemed to love the opportunity to test out our stuff with their own gear – the difference between reading reviews and actually turning a knob and hearing something for yourself is so important in this industry! ” – Noah from Death By Audio

“Great Show. Each event continues to improve. Really great opportunity to talk to consumers and a great value. I felt like everything ran like a fine-tuned machine.” – John Kelley from One Control/Outlaw FX

“This year’s event gets a 10 out of 10. Strengths: Attendance, atmosphere, location. Weakness: None.” – Nathan Navarro from Source Audio

“I have nothing but good things to say about this exhibit… way better than any other. The store was packed almost all day on both Saturday and Sunday. I had a constant flow of people coming to my board…I barely had time to take a break. I made more sales than any other SBE…a 300% increase!” – James from Main Ace FX

“It seems that this year’s BKSBE saw record numbers in terms of attendance. It was just as fun and a bit more busy than the last one that I had gone to. A lot of people already knew about Eventide before going to our station because of the online promotion we received.” – Patrick Flores from Eventide

“The show was a lot of fun! Great atmosphere with lots of positivity. Lots of customer interaction/opportunities to sell product. Good, steady traffic.” – Jesse from Hotone/Hartke

“It was a great show this year, the layout of main drag was much better i thought compared to last year. Congrats.” – Scott from Montreal Assembly

“This was the best year so far! We had more space to spread out a little bit. The vouchers helped the store overall. The clientele seemed more “into” the event and trying everyone’s products. The level of traffic felt like the best yet, there was hardly a moment where the board was unused. The event is VERY organized. It runs very smoothly.” – Ryan from Fuzzrocious

“Very pleased. It was very easy and I had a great time. It was more personal & easier to hear/communicate with the customer than it was @ NAMM.” – Kevin Bolembach from TWA

“Attendance at the stompbox exhibit was packed nearly the entire time, with no lulls until right before closing. We had people stopping by all day, and questions were constant. We should definitely do both days next year.” – Tom from Ibanez

“Traffic was at moments overwhelming on Saturday. Possibly you’ve outgrown the space? Sunday felt like what the space could handle. Volume was way less of an issue than at NAMM, it was actually possible to have conversations.” – Chris from Union Tube and Transistors