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Visitor feedback about this event can be found here and here.


Fabulous results this year. Amazing draw. I loved that we did the vendor breakfast and the panel. Loved hearing from manufacturers, distributor, large dealer, and small dealer. Great questions.” – Randy, MONO/Teisco

“I think this year’s event was the best yet! The space was really cool and the location was easy to get to.” – Anna – EarthQuaker Devices

“Congratulations on the Brooklyn expo. It was very well executed and Andy saw a more varied crowd than previous events, so it looks like word is spreading. Our sales were good and it was a nice experience. We were very happy with the event, and look forward to Montreal.” – Curt, Red Panda

“This year’s show was my fourth now, and was also the best of all four. […] This year, the traffic seemed comparable [to last year’s one] but the environment was much better. I think I had more productive conversations with customers […] and sales went more smoothly since cell service was available. So overall, great work this year.” – Dan, Old Blood Noise

“In all honesty, this has been the best show yet. In the larger space and awesome vibe of the location, it just made the event even better. Oh, and we sold out of the stock that we brought with us.” – Clint, Deep Space Devices

BKSE was a big success. Very active crowd with high volume turn out. Musical performances and workshops during the day. The venue was much much better in comparison to [past] years. […] Overall, we should absolutely do this show again in the future! – Austin, BOSS

“I thought the turnout at this show was exceptional. You have done an excellent job building this expo into a real “thing” and the ROI for manufacturers/distribs/re-sellers continues to grow. Having a reseller on hand to handle transactions is a real convenience and I hope you continue the outreach to have one on board at every show.” – John, SFM Marketing

“Sales were good for us, as we sold the most pedals so far at one of these Synth and Stompbox Expos! We were selling through the Three Wave booth, which allowed us to redirect people who were ready to buy and continue giving demos to others. Traffic was pretty steady throughout, sometimes with several people at our booth for long periods of time.” – Collin, Eventide

“I had a fantastic time! There were small lines of two or three people on Saturday. I thought it was very well organized. The flow was very good.” –  Michael, JAM Pedals

“This year’s show was so great! It seemed like it was really well attended […] and the new venue was a huge improvement. […] a very successful show! I thought the panels/performances were a really cool addition and made the event feel a bit more comprehensive.” – Mike, Chase Bliss Audio

“Very happy […] plenty of traffic all day […] we sold 15 pedals! […] Overall a great show.” – Robby, Keeley

“It was our first show and we were very glad we made the trip. It is not only a valuable opportunity to interact with the public, but, for us, it was great to make contacts and establish relationships with other manufacturers. […] Traffic was […] off the hook. The place was packed throughout the weekend. Allowing musicians to get hands-on with hundreds of different pedals in one spot is fantastic and keeping it all contained with headphone amps was a big plus” – Tony, Voodoo Labs

“Attendance was great and the space was much, much more comfortable than last year. We were busy the whole time.” – Terry, Meris

“[We] just wanted to thank you for putting on such a great show. We made a lot of new friends over the weekend and it really helped to get the Analog Alien name out there. The show was well organized and the panel you put together on Sunday was very informative. […] All in all, I’d say, it was a big success. See you next year.” – Jack, Analog Alien

“Great job with the event. I’ve been working it 3 years running and it improves noticeably every year. – Carl, EarthQuaker Devices

“Overall I’m happy with the results of the trip. Good [experience], High [traffic] but super-cramped […] I was satisfied with the number of sales we did.Mitch, Empress FX

“This was one of the best shows I’ve seen the deli put on! Really enjoyed myself. The venue was great and combining the synth with pedals was a great idea. Stoked to do another one.” – Christian, Adventure Audio

“Good show! […] Overall for these smaller / open to the public ones I was impressed with the education level & propensity to purchase of the clientele. […]  I also like how self-contained it is with companies being responsible for themselves.” – Kyle, REVV Amplification

” I was very happy with the experience overall. It was a lot of fun, all the people I met were great, and it was run very professionally. The level of traffic was high. Even on Sunday early, I was surprised at the number of people who attended!” – Christopher, MOOER

“I thought the show went very well for our first time doing it. Basically from open to close we were working […] I was hoping for 100 pedals but we sold 65. No complaints about that! […] The best thing about the show is the headphone set up. – Guy, All Music Inc. (guitar store)

100% satisfied. So many people came by and all times throughout the day […] I will definitely be back next year! The foot traffic during the event was the best way. This was my first show of this kind so it was amazing to have so many people check out the pedal. I can’t even say there was a time when the place was not “crowded”. – Zack, Birmingham Sounds FX

“I spoke with all three of the pedal-builders that exhibited through our Love My Switches newsletter promotion. They were all very pleased with how things went. Thank you for taking care of them and making sure they had everything they needed to be successful.” – Rebecca – Love My Switches

“I thought this show was even better than last year! Maybe it was because I was near the synths, but I saw a good range of players from different styles, which was very helpful. I sold a couple of pedals, which was great (the good cell service made sales a lot easier), but getting opinions from a range of players on our new prototypes made the expo really worth it. I really had non-stop traffic, which is crazy considering we mainly make a glitch pedal.” – David, The King of Gear

“Very [happy with the experience]. There was an almost constant stream of people coming by. […] I had two sales, which is about what I was hoping for. – Ryan – RPS Effects

“It was certainly fun, […] and the camaraderie and connection with other builders is extremely valuable.” – Chris, Dusky Amps

This page will be updated as soon as we’ll receive more replies to our feedback requests. Many reps expressed satisfaction about the event verbally before leaving on Sunday, including Mitch (Empress FX), the folks from Meris and Gamechanger Audio.