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Lisa Bella Donna’s notes about the event
Feeling so grateful and inspired by the amazing collective of creative, kind, and inclusive people at this years @synthexpo !! So many great impressions. My endless gratitude to Paolo, @earthquakerdev, @moogsynthesizers and @synthtopia for making everything rule. Thanks to everyone who participated in the performances and workshop this weekend. I learn and absorb so much from your participation and interaction. The thrill for me is the ever seeking process with these amazing tools we have available to us to make music with. When that gets combined with great humans finding a flow of musical and technical correlative quest is when we all learn from each other. This event proved great evidence of that!
All my deepest gratitude to @earthquakerdev @moogsynthesizers @synthtopia and #brooklynsynthexpo for bringing me into this amazing, packed tight collection of kindred nerds.

Visitors/Vendors Feedback Found through #StompboxExhibit and #SynthExpo Tags
Epic times today at #BrooklynSynthExpo…
Mind expanded. Mind blown.
Had a rad time testing out gear at the NYC stompbox expo this past weekend!
I got “Moog Grand Mother” and “Sensel Morph” at @synthexpo Yesterday!!!! Thank you Synthexpo and I’m exiting to play these cool stuff!!!
Loved the Expo. Bought myself a Roli because of the knowledgeable help I received.
Looking forward to the next one
The Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit was so freaking cool. Managed to grab a @jimdunlopusa Volume X expression pedal and an @outlaweffects Looper pedal. There was some wild stuff there and so many I wanted to take home. The dopest are featured below:
Oh the cool things you find at the #rolandus booth at the #brooklynsynthexpo! Thanks again. So many cool things there. Wished I had gotten to play the #moogone but there was a steady flow of folks on it.
That guy Tom on the far left is the MAN!! Answered all my questions and gave me a sweet discount on a gamechanger eurorack plasma distortion. Great time at the expo!
Thank you so much! Such a great experience!
thank you for everything it was amazing!!
Brooklyn pedal expo 2019. Getting bigger every year!
Had a great time at the Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit last weekend! Hoping to do more events like this in the future. Highly recommended for any gear enthusiasts looking for a chance to see what’s out there and try it out!
#BrooklynSynthExpo was incredible. Got to kick it with the great @lisabelladonna for a bit. She is awesome! Also got to meet my good friends and heroes @_rosemarymusic_ and @pk_fire918 (who got himself a #KorgMinilogue) and I met the OG @philclendeninn (legendary keyboardist on some of those #TarikaBlue records) who was working the @yamahamusicusa table. He had some very encouraging words for me.
I walked into the #BrooklynSynthExpo with a general idea of what I wanted, but the dudes over at the @keeleyelectronics booth had other ideas lol. These pedals are insanely good.
We had a blast at the Brooklyn #StompboxExhibit and #SynthExpo at @Lytehouse_Studio. What an incredible experience. Thank you to everyone involved. ????? Awesome performance by Lisa Bella Donna
SOLD OUT! Thank you for supporting our Pride #rêver launch. We will be donating $1000 to the @trevorproject !
Awesome experience at the exhibit though. Met lots of wonderful people, and tried lots of amazing pedals and synths. Looking forward to next year’s (hopefully, I’ll save up a lot more than I did for this year!!).
David and I had a blast at the Brooklyn Stompbox (& Synth) Exhibit @ Lytehouse Studios ??????? We made it into one of the event photos ?
Thanks to everyone that came out to the Brooklyn Stompbox/Synth Expo this weekend. It was such an awesome time and are already looking forward to next year.
Went to the Brooklyn Pedal Expo today, saw and played through the new @birminghamsounds Twentyseventeen. Such an amazing Swiss army knife of a pedal for distortion, also it’s always a pleasure whenever I get to catch up with my old teacher @zackmslater I also saw @globalmediamonster running the Supro booth and wow… we always meet up in the wildest places but its ALWAYS a great time! Last but definitely not least, I got to meet Angelo at (and sorta jam with him… if you can call it that lol) it’s always great when you get to meet the minds behind your favorite pedals and I felt so excited just spending those 10 minutes playing bass at the Meris booth and bs’ing about whatever.

Anyway, praise be to tone! @stompboxexhibit you’re always rad! Until next year!
Saturday was awesome.
Ran into @JGThirlwell a.k.a. #Foetus once again at the 6th Annual #BrooklynSynthExpo 🙂 Great catching up with him and seeing all the new gear
We had a great time at the show. This was your best one yet, Paolo! Analog Alien Guitar Pedals will be back next year!
It was a great show! Thanks to @stompboxexhibit and everyone came to play! #stompboxexhibit
Had fun meeting everyone at the @stompboxexhibit this weekend!
Day one is done and it was fun!
It was awesome! Please come back to Brooklyn again! So fun to be able to try a bunch of pedals and hang with other musicians!!
Went to Brooklyn Synth / Pedal Expo and got a new Animal Major drive pedal ? Also discovered an awesome Soul Food joint near by! The show is still happening tmr and most stuff are 10% off so go check it out!
So many toys … at @lytehouse_studio yesterday for the #brooklynsynthexpo this one is an @arturia_official microfreak
At the #brooklynsynthexpo rocking with the cool ass homies from @analogalien The FB-45 I’m pressing in the first picture is ironically the one I ended up copping, it’s my first pedal and I’m getting all the rest of my pedals from Analog Alien! Looking forward to working with these talented guys again soon!
Lots of cool gear at the #BrooklynSynthExpo.
It was a busy day at Brooklyn Synth Expo! People are loving UNO Drum and UNO Synth
Hunting at the #BrooklynSynthExpo.
A few of my favorite things! #brooklynsynthexpo #synths
Synths and pedals for days
Thanks for the spot! It was great!
Great Event!