synthesthesia flyer

The first edition of Synthesthesia 2020 brought over 4k synth enthusiasts to our portal (source Google Analytics).

This is the feedback we received from the participating vendors:

Chase Bliss Audio
I think it was pretty darn good. We’d do it again. I can see how something like this could gain traction and get really significant viewership. – Joel

Red Panda Lab
It was good. Online events are not a substitute for the in-person events where people can try out a bunch of different brands, but it reaches a large audience that cannot get to an in-person event. […] Open format – linked/embedded videos – all the way. Dealing with another closed format would take more time, and one of the advantages your (real & virtual) shows have is that there isn’t a lot of logistics/setup time involved for the companies.

Moustache Audio
I had a great time with Effectopia 2020! It was stressful, but it caused me to get my online web store and marketing materials together. I’m happy with the number of visitors on the page […] This was my first time doing anything like this with Moustache Audio, so it was a great learning experience for me!

[We were] very satisfied! We surpassed our goals, we received more traffic than expected! […] Engagement from the viewers on our stream was extremely high – comments and questions firing off consistently throughout the entire event! […] We liked hosting the videos directly on our platform!

IK Multimedia
[We were happy with the amount of traffic], it was a good amount for the cost of the event. And getting sign-ups for our contest was a bonus. [We] learned some good lessons in how to implement that in a live event scenario.

Synthesthesia offered easy access to information about our distributed products and delivered a great connection to customers, as you have accomplished repeatedly in the past via locally-hosted events. Should we be in virtual mode again next year, either in part or on the whole, we’d love to explore ways of reaching even more synth enthusiasts through your developing channels.

Radikal Technologies
Thank you so much! It was a great experience. It was my first ever live stream. I did not expect that such an event takes so much energy! But it was really fun. It seems like people loved it and I received around 40 emails already! Very Cool! If you do something like that again, please let me know!

Ilio (Spectrasonics and Plugin Guru)
Overall it was a great event. It reinforced an idea we had about virtual events—that whatever is on the home page is king, i.e., live streams and being a part of the event schedule.
We’re finding good value for our smaller, independent companies. Since there is not a lot of competition for space, there is more of a chance that a smaller brand is equally represented and finds eyes. I liked the open format because you could have multiple events happening at once.

We were happy with the event and we would probably do it again. We liked the clean and simple layout. First time we did a major stream broadcast like this and we learned a lot. Lots of little technical things we would tweak, but overall we really like the format. We really enjoy having a chance to connect directly with our customers and potential customers.

Noise Machine
Our live chat system went well! In all, we had nearly 165 chats opened, over 200 visitors to our site, and 30 new subscribes to our newsletter. Overall, we’re happy with the results, If we had more time I believe a live stream may have been more beneficial versus the live chat system we had in place.
Regardless, it was great for our start-up to be featured besides the likes of bigger brands and get our name on the radar!

Spitfire Audio
The cost seemed incredibly fair for the amount of traffic that your platform offered. Hopefully next time we’ll be able to organize something that will be appropriate for the live stream element.

Gamechanger Audio
We were happy with the synth show. As I understood from Alise, we got good traffic from you and it was a lot of fun.

We really, really enjoyed doing the YT Live, and there was a very engaged audience in the chat. Of course, we’d have loved more attendees, and yes looks like we could have optimized that with more targeted timing. It definitely inspired us to want to do more live video events in the future.

EarthQuaker Devices
We were happy with it. We had a good amount of people on Karl’s live stream, so yeah, good time.

I wasn’t able to fully gear up for a live presence, so it was a good experiment in what a passive presence would do with our targeted landing page and content. We sold a couple units during the day, and got about 100 visitors to our page. […] I had hoped for about double that, but, of course, you only get back what you put in 🙂 I’m glad we were able to support the effort, and look forward to being more active in future events.

Experimenting with an online event format is great. The industry is probably going to be limited to online events for the next year, so it’s great that you’re making the jump. The site navigation was easy to use.