Pictures of this event can be found here (pedal area) and here (synth area).


“This feels like one of the most important shows for our industry due to its proximity to many artists. […] I’m guessing it’s bigger or as big as the LA edition, which also puts us in another major market. We were very happy to have participated and looking forward to the next time. […] Many people claimed it was the first time they got to play with our best-selling H90 since launch.” – Joe (Eventide)

“I am very impressed and extremely happy with the turnout at the Brooklyn show.I think you have the format down and it works quite well. Being the first one I have attended and not knowing what to expect I will be upping my game at future shows. Like a full table so I can have 2 listening stations. And I will be doing future shows for sure. Overall it was a great turnout and experience.” – Larry (Shara Marketing / T-Rex)

“Great engagement, lot of current and future customer experiences, all positive. Foot traffic and interaction levels were great. We had attendees on our booth basically the entire time. The opportunity to get hands-on with gear is uniquely valuable for our high-end tech-oriented product line. – Nick (Buchla)

“It’s a great event that brings our community together and offers an intimate in-person experience with real products. […] Electro-Harmonix was very satisfied with our company’s participation. Foot traffic was consistently heavy all weekend at the EHX booth. We had 4 pedalboards available across 2 tables so there was always a steady flow of musicians demoing pedals and engaging with representatives.” – Mike (Electro-Harmonix)

“Very [satisfied). Full both days – instruments were constantly engaged. Nearly everyone I spoke with discussed the advantages of live interaction with the instruments and we vendors – everyone appreciates the opportunity! Re. our gear specifically, we benefit when people can touch and feel the build quality and experience the sound – compared to YT, it’s a big difference.” – Gerry (Sequential/Oberheim)

” I’m very grateful to have been able to participate in the event. I felt like I made a lot of good connections with both the attendees as well as many of the other vendors. It was set up well and it seemed to go very smoothly for everyone. I got to meet Mike Matthews, which was a huge thrill!” – Bill (Acorn Amps)

“We were very pleased with the participation and response from visitors. Traffic was pretty steady. Seemed to get busier on the last day. Lot’s of people really enjoyed getting hands-on and learning about the gear. Level of engagement was great.” – Ed (Arturia)

“Very Satisfied. Good attendance all weekend. Consistent interaction, [great] engagement.” – Michael (Warm Audio)

“Overall I was very satisfied with the event. I had time to talk to suppliers, shops, and other dealers outside of the standard open hours when I was able to talk with customers. This experience provided a really great time to talk as a community as well as allow us to sell to customers. We sold about double what we did last year.” – Mark (Summer School Electronic)

“Very satisfied. We felt it was a very smooth event and the traffic was great! The traffic for us was non-stop! Most attention was paid to our Resonant Garden product. The #1 value is the hands-on experience for customers, especially with our particular products.” – Jeff (Folktek)

“The event was more successful than it was for us last year; there was better attendance and the newer venue allowed for better flow of traffic. Our dealer Three Wave Music also did some sales! – Brianna (Korg)

“Overall we are very pleased and proud to be involved with the Stompbox exhibits. The event was very well attended with a steady stream of visitors to our table from the Saturday opening to Sunday close. It was very busy, but never felt overwhelming.” – Tony (Voodoo Lab)

“Satisfied, the event was well organized. The traffic for our brand was good, our instruments were practically constantly occupied by someone. Events offer a real-time feedback loop with our (potential) customers and a possibility to offer them a chance to try gear firsthand, as well as explain and present certain things that wouldn’t be possible to emphasize in a video. – Eliza (Erica Synths)

“Loved the new venue. It seemed to have a lot more space for everyone. We were very pleased with the participation and response from visitors. Traffic was pretty steady. Seemed to get busier on the last day. Lots of people enjoyed getting hands-on and learning about the gear. The level of engagement was great. Plenty of people went on to make purchases after learning about our products. [This show is] very different from most [synth] events. Much more intimate and personal, which allows for more one-on-one interactions. – Eddie (Arturia)

“Very satisfied, it was great! Very intense, it was packed. it was awesome to see people’s reactions to our gear! I think this was your best one buddy!” – Dan (Days of Yore)

“Fantastic maybe the best one this year. Good foot traffic, […] Engagement was better than LA, very nice, many bass players” – Orin (DryBell, Sunnaudio)

“Only positive feedback ! Show was great; we will for sure be coming back next year!” – Schuyler (This is Noise)

“Very [satisfied]. Foot traffic was steady. A lot of people didn’t have guitars which I remedied on Sunday. In the future, I would bring a bass as well. – Dave (SoundShoppe)

“I wasn’t personally there to attend the show but the feedback I got from Nicky was great! Lots of people came by to try our pedals and asked to buy them” – Christos (Crazy Tube Circuits)

“Our display seemed to catch a lot of eyes. There were tons of people in general, but it was also a good event to have decently long conversations and answer in-depth questions. […]  There were people coming by to ask questions almost nonstop on Saturday and for most of Sunday. A lot of people brought their cameras and took photos/posted on social media as well, which always provides a bump in web traffic. – Jack (Setonix Synth)

“I was happy with the event. I think the space and the location was a huge improvement over my past expos. The headphones-only rule is really great. – David (The King of Gear)

“The space and the event was very nicely laid out and from what I’ve heard and seen a huge improvement from previous events.” – Eric (Shlappi Engineering)

“Everything went great for us, and I’m not really sure what could have been done better(if anything) Also, again, I genuinely appreciate the prime location!” – Gene (Entropy & Sons)

“On a scale of 1-10, I would say 7. Well attended, customers definitely seemed to enjoy the event.” – Derek (REVV)

“Everything with the event was smooth and straightforward. No issues at all setting up or loading in on unloading. Thanks again, was a fun and unique event. ” – Alex (Vondle)

“Was great fun” – Rea (TipTop Audio)

“Generally we found the experience positive. We did receive inquiries, got to connect with some existing customers etc.” Chris (Small Bear Electronics)