CONTACT: Paolo De Gregorio

Phone: 631.829.8841
Skype: thedelimag

Event web page you should link to:

Truetone Music
714 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Saturday 10.02: 11.30 am-5.30 pm [please arrive at 9.30 am to set up!]
Sunday 10.03: 11.30 am-5.30 pm [please arrive at 10.30 am to set up!]

• BOARD SPECS  [unless you have booked a full table] – Maximum Dimensions: 24″ width x 20″ depth
– Boards must be wired and powered (we can provide a short guitar cable)

If you send your own rep, please bring headphones. We’ll provide them for unmanned boards or boards manned by local reps

Please let me know via email which one of these options you are going for

– If you have one of your reps coming in person, please have him/her bring the board
– If you have a local rep, ship the board to him/her asap
– if you have an unmanned board, please ship it to Truetone asap, here’s the address:

Truetone Music
Attn: Sunir/Stompbox Exhibit
714 Santa Monica Blvd,
Santa Monica, CA 90401

RETURN LABELS (For those shipping the board):
Please do both these things:

– Include an adhesive return label on top of the board (stick it on it with some tape so we can’t miss it)
– Send a copy of that label to

INFO SHEET (send by 09.27)
This is the paper insert that goes behind the board, it looks like this.

Specs: 17″ wide x 11″ tall – please send the file to me by 06.30 and I’ll print it.

You may want to avoid putting important info at the bottom, since it may be hidden by the board.