grandmother moog 2

At the recent MoogFest, the legendary Asheville based synth manufacturer introduced a brand new, unusually colorful synth called Grandmother.

Inspired by classic Moog modular synths of the past, this machine is capable of highly complex sounds and modulation, but its semi-modular design requires absolutely no patching, ensuring that human beings of any skill-level can easily explore and experience the joys and magic of analog synthesis.

Synth-heads in the NYC area will be able to check out this grandma (sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun), during our FREE Brooklyn Synth Expo, coming up on June 9-10 – more info + RSVP links areĀ here.

AND… Moog is also giving one away!

All you need to do to get a chance to win it is sign up in the form below – good luck!

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