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We would love to hear how you all found each other, what brought you to NYC, and how everyone ended up getting into music.

Ana: Whoa. This question could have a very, very long answer. I was born in NYC so, I guess what brought me here was a miraculous, inexplicable bio-mystical happening. Lyzi is from Texas, Caro has lived in a bunch of states and Jose is from Colombia. I got into playing music because my dad was a guitarist and because I had the excellent luck to live half a block from a great little record store during my teenage years. I’d always enjoyed singing, and once I taught myself some guitar I started making demos, just endless bedroom demos, and really studying and exploring the craft of songwriting.

The four of us found each other via shows and mutual friends. And Jose came to the band via the recommendation of one of Lyzi’s friends. It’s kind of amazing but none of us really knew each other before forming a band together. We were all people that really REALLY wanted to be playing music, and happened upon each other.

Caro: When I was 5 years old my parents bought a proper upright piano and I was immediately hooked. I added instruments as I grew up–the violin, guitar, flute, eventually cello and bass.  There weren’t too many other musicians in the family.  Later I played in a handful of bands in Nashville and Austin.  When I got to New York for the second time in early 2015, it felt like a musical storm was brewing.  All of these important venues were closing but there were so many bands and motivated artists.  It was really bizarre and it felt like the time was right to find some musical companions and resurrect some heavy punk blood that had been running under the skin for a long time.  

Lyzi: My dad is a musician so there was always a multitude of instruments around the house–drums, guitars, violins, mandolins, a piano. I put my hands on everything! I always envisioned how a song was played when I was listening to it on the car radio and later trying to replicate it by ear at home. He would have band practices in our garage and sometimes I would go to their gigs or the recording studio. So, with having that background, I always wanted to be a musician who makes an impact. I moved to New York from Amarillo, TX alone when I was 19. It is the most exciting city in the country and I couldn’t imagine myself moving anywhere else at the time. It felt urgent and right. After spending 2 years getting acclimated I finally made it out to a show to see Sharkmuffin. That’s where I met Caroline and she asked if I wanted to play music together and start a project. I said yessss annnnnd here we are!

Jose: In 2014, after several years working for different companies as a Graphic Designer in Bogota, I decided to quit the job I had at the time and become a freelancer. Moving to NY was always part of the plan so a year later, having saved some money and with the complete support of my family, I ended up making the transition. Even though part of the decision of quitting my job in the first place involved having more time for personal projects and music, I never imagined I was going to join a band as soon as it happened. I arrived in the city in August 2015, and later in November, I was already playing my first show with the band at Good Room! Thanks to Maria Jose, a friend from Colombia who knew Lyzi and tagged me in a post where they were looking for a new drummer.

Regarding how I got into music, I never took music or drum classes so everything happened really organically. Besides loving music since I was a young kid, I remember how when I was in high school, whenever I would go to a friend’s house and there was a drum kit I would find myself making noise with it for hours. Then when I was 17 my parents ended up getting me one.